5 Best Trolling Motor Companies and Their History

Starting from the definition, a trolling motor is a little electric device that is glued to the ship or boat. So one basically uses it to catch the fish without spooking them for fishing. In other words, you can say that this little thing is a blessing for all the fishing fraternity that took the game of fishing to a whole new point. You cannot only move it from spot to spot but can grab the fishes with it to your boat efficiently. And I think, the true blesses behind this are the ones who invented this. Therefore, to help out all the fishing lovers, some manufacturers have thought of providing you those blessings for your pleasure. So, I have come here to highlight those companies who not only have proven themselves a blessing giver but also the best. Therefore I will be talking about 5 best trolling motor companies and their history to let you know about them.


Minn Kota

minn kota

Having a motto saying “A trolling motor isn’t a tool, it’s a weapon”,  Minn Kota has reached to this point. They are popular for being one of the tops for providing trolling motors. Moreover, they are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of the globe. Their dedication towards the quality and value of their product says how much they deserve to be in the top-list. Besides, they don’t only work on their product innovation but happen to show loyalty towards them as well. So, it all started from 1934, copper-solderingWhere O.G. Schmidtexperimented on connecting a Ford started motor with flexible shaft and propeller to shape up the first-ever trolling motor. And all of it took place at Fargo in North Dakota. This is how he became the inventor of trolling motor. And following to that, he grabbed the title of being “a man of many diverse ideas”. But that’s not where he has started from. Because previous copper soldering torch that became a hit. And from there, he thought of moving to manufacture trolling motors and putting a life to the company Minn Kota. Similar to the state of Minnesota, the company named it from there. But that wasn’t the end, the company also produced other products including the vacuum cleaner and straw choppering earlier days. After the death of Schmidt in 1965,  Ole Rommesmo took over the company and directed it to manufacture electric trolling motor. After that, Johnson Reels which is now Johnson Outdoors bought the company in 1969 and then moved to Mankato, Minnesota in 1979. After the huge 70 years of experience, they are still as popular as they were back in the start. You can google the best trolling motor company to see their name showing at first for the proof if you want.

Besides, talking about their products, Minn Kota Endura C2, Minn Kota C2 04,  Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 are some of the hit products from their company.




MotorGuide is another topmost company of trolling motors who gained popularity for their excellent products. Despite having other trolling motor pieces, no one could build them with the basic concept, they say. Every fishing fraternity wanted a sturdier motor to work for them. They were losing all the hope. And then came 1960, when G.H. Harris of Jackson thought to end their frustration. He emerged the MotorGuide with a goal to gift them a Better, Faster and Stronger trolling motor that could end their despair. However, basically, he got bored with propelling small fishing boat nearby Ross Barnett Reservoir. Thus, he decided to move on with an idea of producing electric trolling motor so that he can move the boat with the speed of fishing. But he wanted a kind of motor which he could work with his foot. So he started focusing on making that one he thought of. And then the time came when he invented a system with a spring-loaded direction control. With this, one can operate it with feet to move the boat. The spring takes the motor to a straight position while taking the foot off the pedal. And following to that, he ended up cracking a deal with Herschede Hall Clock Co. (makers of high-quality grandfather clocks) to create and sell a new design called the Guide-Rite. And after renaming it, this Guide-Rite later changed to the MotorGuide. Later 1960’s, MotorGuide started to provide permanent magnet motors with a 3-inch diameter for more power more efficiently. Then super MotorGuide got established with producing an electric motor that uses Darlington transistors for increasing the variable speed of the motors. In 1971, the MotorGuide with Pete Horton became the first company that allowed the flat storage along the bow of the boat. Not only that, later in 1975, they also became the first company to come with 12/24-volt motor, clutch bracket, blind hold mounting isolator system. And then in 2005, they introduced Wireless Series Trolling Motors and in 2009 partnered with Attwood Marine and Brunswick and Mercury Marine subsidiary by shifting the company from Oklahoma to Michigan. And this is how they gained much popularity on producing the greatest trolling motors from 60’s till date.

However, MotorGuide Tour Edition Trolling Motor, Motorguide 45FW FB X3 Freshwater Trolling Motor, Motorguide 80FW Xi5 Trolling Motor, 60-Inch/24V FP SNR are some of their best trolling motors of 2017.



Jarvis Jim Walker owns the trolling motor company Watersnake and it is another top company of the world. The company has made its debut In 2006 and became the most reliable motor company. Moreover, Watersnake has also grabbed all the attention for producing their super stealthy trolling motors which are a unique trait of the company. Their motors stay superbly quiet on the water and you can mount them on transom and bow as well. However, they sold their first ever motor in 2006 with a goal of Affordability, Accessibility, and Ease of operation. With this, Jarvis Walker became the coolest manufacturer in the fishing fraternity as their motors stay super cool. However, the company produces the trolling motors with a strong price but for their quiet products, everyone happens to buy one. The motors are rich and they designed it in a way to use them basically the Australian models on saltwater. Mentioning that, all of their parts are rust resistant and the circuit boards are sealed for water resistance, he built the motors for saltwater. Besides, you can find their motors with an option of tiller guide or electric foot control.

Moreover, to list their trolling motor models, Watersnake ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor, Watersnake T18S Asp Motor are some of the best trolling motors of their company.


Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Smart Battery Box

This is a comparatively newer company than the other 3 companies mentioned above. This is basically a San Francisco-based company that emerged in 2008. However, they started the company with selling inflatable boats directly to customers then. Not only that, they came up with a goal to excite their customer by revolutionizing the inflatable sports boat game. Besides, manufacturing rich quality inflatable boats, they also build inflatable stand up paddle boards, boating accessories, and trolling motors. Moreover, they aim to ensure a thorough manufacturing process. To talk about the process, it includes quality control pressure tests, water leak tests, UV tests, and stretch tests throughout the manufacturing process. Since then, they have impressed every fishing lover with building up their high quality trolling motors.

Talking about their motors, Newport Vessels 86lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor Saltwater, Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor, Newport Vessels Model23M1000098 are some of their best trolling motors of 2017.


Ningbo BeilunHaibo Precise Machinery

They created their company in 1988. But the company got its popularity at Haibo in 1994. However, you can find Haibo at the Ningbo port of China. They came up with 300 manufacturing bases with more than 600 employees and a total asset of 0.3 billion yuan. The company has become one of the biggest electric motors manufacturers of China. Furthermore, they are also famous for manufacturing industry with its excellent R&D team, rich manufacturing experience, strict quality control system and advanced equipment. They designed their trolling motors to operate in every kind of water including saltwater, freshwater and ice water as well. Besides, they also produced the motors with perks of environmental protection, energy-saving, free noise and easy operation. However, they sell their products widely and all over China. And they broadly use them for fishing, river cleaning and short-distance water transport as well. Moreover, their metal processing components are popular for high quality and perfect meticulousness. Besides, they have spread their markets all over the globe including South-east Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and Middle-east. The company has not only gained fame for their great products but also for their punctilious and perfect manufacturing process.


You might know about the models and brands of trolling motors but how many of you know about their history. These popular companies have proved themselves to be in the top-list. And with their stories, we can tell that they truly deserve to be in that peak. They have not only invented the coolest trolling motors for us but have gifted us the best fishing fun as well. We have come up with the best trolling motor battery review, you may like to have a visit.

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