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If you are an expert angler or fisherman who is on the water half the time, then you probably know the importance of having a great quality battery for your trolling motor by now. If you are in need of one, then don’t worry because we got you covered. Today, in our article, we will be reviewing the UB121000 trolling motor battery from Universal Power Group. In our review, we will try to find out if the UB121000 trolling motor battery really has what it takes to be the perfect companion for your trolling motor on your fishing trips. We have quite some stuff to look through so let’s get it started already!

UB121000 Trolling Motor Battery | Universal Power Group

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At a Glance

At first sight, the UB121000 trolling motor battery looks like any other of your regular and average batteries. However, you will immediately get an idea that this boy is going to be a heavy one. The charger, in fact, weighs a very close to 64 pounds and measures 12.1 x 6.6 x 9.1 inches in dimensions. Clearly compact, but not so much on the light side.

However, to make carrying easy, the UB121000 trolling motor battery comes with a nice handle attached to the side. The battery is all black with white texts on it. Next, let’s move on to the more important features.


Before you get any battery, always make sure to check its body or packaging for information.

As for the UB121000 trolling motor battery, it is a 12V which can offer you up to 100 Ah! This is, of course, a deep cycle battery so you will be able to use it for constant use. It is SLA/AGM which furthermore means that it is rechargeable and needs little to no maintenance. You can bet on it to last for years if you are lucky. For now, it is needless to say that the UB121000 trolling motor battery may not be able to pull the mountains apart but it can do some other serious jobs!


Speaking of jobs, you may want to know about your options and possibilities with the UB121000 trolling motor battery.

First and foremost, it will, of course, serves as the herculean hand for your trolling motor. However, keep in mind that batteries aren’t universal and the UB121000 trolling motor battery isn’t any different. There is a specific class of trolling motors only that are recommended with this battery. Some of this motors include Minn Kota, MinnKota, Cobra, Sevylor, and so on. Please check with instructions and manual, or the company website, for complete details on the trolling motor compliance.

Next, you can use this battery for medical equipment like automated wheelchairs, and pretty much anything that requires a 12V and 100 Ah battery!

Ease of Use

The UB121000 trolling motor battery is pretty dense, we will admit that, but it isn’t the most space-hogging battery on the face of the earth. We have seen worse. Once you get past the weight issue, in fact, this battery actually conforms to your boat quite well. In other words, you can mount in any way, any position you like!

Other than that, the body of the UB121000 trolling motor battery is pretty robust. It can withstand some serious rough handling and is shockproof and resistant to vibrations as well.

And finally, you because it is an AGM sealed battery, it needs no maintenance and the company is sure to take leaks and spills seriously. The UB121000 trolling motor battery is spill-proof as well!


We were a little taken aback when you realized that a battery as cheap as the UB121000 trolling motor battery could come with a warranty.

Well, it does. You will a getting a 1-year warranty upon purchase.



  • The UB121000 trolling motor battery is very compact
  • Is very powerful
  • spill-proof, shockproof and immune from damage due to vibrations
  • Is rechargeable
  • Has a handle to make carrying this heavy guy somewhat easier
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Is very heavy and bulky
  • Several users complained of leaks

— FAQs| UB121000 Trolling Motor Battery —

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  1. What would you say the Group size of the UB121000 trolling motor battery is? I want to buy a power center for it.

Answer: That’s a brilliant way to ensure your battery’s safety! Well, it is v inches in dimensions so that makes it Group size 27.

  1. I tend to store it away for the season. What do you think its standing-discharge would be like?

Answer: Great question! The UB121000 trolling motor battery has a standing discharge of less than 3 percent per month of its content, which we think, is pretty cool. It holds sufficiently and you will not need to recharge it as often.

 — Final Words —

This fishing season, do your trolling motor a favor and get it the best battery for its need. And the UB121000 trolling motor battery from Universal Power Group is definitely worth looking into. This battery is definitely wholesome and has a lot to offer you and your gears. However, the cracks evidently show. It is very heavy and bulky and could put off anglers with small boats. And the complained to leakage id something to consider as well. However, there is no such thing as perfect battery and you must understand this. And anyway, when you pile up the advantages against the cons, you clearly see a winner, right? The UB121000 trolling motor battery- powerful, affordable and efficient. We highly recommend it because we know it will end up impressing you in the end!

This concludes our review of the UB121000 trolling motor battery. We hope you found our efforts to educate you helpfully, even to the smallest extent. However, if we missed something, you can always refer to the product link for information. Good luck fishing!

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